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Security in Africa Anti-corruption commission London is an organisation dedicated to assisting Governments in fighting corruption.

We have researched the issues and challenges that have plagued Africa’s anti-corruption initiatives over the last decade or two. The result of corruption is self-evident in Lampendusa Italy, where the children of Africa are willing to risk harm to life and limb and death, crossing the Mediterranean Sea to find a better life outside of Africa, with African governments unable to address the root cause of their abandonment of Africa en mass.

The lack of a robust solution to corruption in Africa has meant many ordinary Africans are now convinced there is no alternative to corruption. It’s debilitating effect is also prevalent in some Government officials that start life in anti-corruption with good and noble intentions however, over time and many painful and lethargic ordeals, including the imminent danger to their lives, they often give up hope and the state of hoplelessness continues. This is all to the detriment of Africa and its current and future development.

The commission is different in its approach to helping Governments because it is working in collaboration with some of the state of the art anti-corruption specialists in Europe and use some of the latest anti-corruption technology available in the market.
Under the chairmanship of Courtenay Griffiths QC, we have partnered with the Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre and provide a unique approach to anti-corruption.


Improved intelligence capability

Our technology partners allow prosecuting agencies to have a better quality of evidence that in admissible in international courts


Targeting collaborators

Quite often corruption is initiated by collaborators and such collaborators are subject to UK/EU/US anti-corruption legislations and shining a light on them is just are important as targeting the perpetrators.