capsule sachet packing machine

  • Granule Sachet Filling Machine

    (1)The sealing area can reach 450mm, form 5 to 9 sachets. (2)The machine use one roll packing film which can be divided two parts for sealing, convenient adjustment.。 (3)The position of emboss,horizontal break and horizontal cutting can be adjusted and controlled by differential through HMI.Position of vertical seal device adjusted and controlled by servo motor through HMI. (4)Vertical sealing,horizontal sealing,emboss and cutting device are installed on two standing board which with enough stiffness to make sure same quantity of each sachet. (5)Reasonable layout,small volume and nice appearance.

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  • Capsule Sachet Filling Machine

    1. Sealing width can be 350mm. 2. Automatic control, stepless speed regulation. 3. Two rolls of packing material heat sealing from two sides to the middle,correct mark automatically and accurately,easy to adjust. 4. Executive mechanisms of sealing, printing, tear-off-lining, cutting, feeding featured in easy adjustment, safe and reliable operation. 5. New structure, diversified configuration meeting client's different requirement. 6. Double side mark tracking can be equipped with detection rejection device. 7. Optical fiber detection device is equipped with dust cover,easy to clear up.

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