coffee sachet packing machine

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    Powder Sachet Filling Machine

    (1)Sealing width can be max 600mm, so the machine can do 5 to 10 lanes. (2)The machine uses one roller film which was divided to two pieces in the middle, which bring the convinence for the fast following eye-mark. (3)Lengthways sealing, across sealing, embossing, pertferation knife and finished sachet cutter all were controled by servo motor. (4)Lenthways sealing and across sealing, embossing and maine cutter were installation on the machine’s body sides board, which is strong enough to support the machine run continuelly. (5)The machine structure is compatitive, takes little roomand beautiful desgin. (6)Electric control pannel: with big room installation. (7)Controlling system: with HMI control and buttone control, this is convinent for the operator to control the machine.

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