Sales High-Speed Blister Packaging Production Line Suppliers Company

  • Sales High-Speed Blister Packaging Production Line, Blister Line Suppliers, Packaging Line Company
  • Sales High-Speed Blister Packaging Production Line, Blister Line Suppliers, Packaging Line Company
  • Sales High-Speed Blister Packaging Production Line, Blister Line Suppliers, Packaging Line Company
High-speed Blister Packaging Production Line

(1)Adopt full servo control,stable operation,easy adjustment and low noise.
(2)Main parts adopt domestic and international famous brand to ensure the operation smoothly.
(3)The main parts adopt the stainless steel which meet the GMP standard.
(4)For the blister packing machine,there are common feeder,special feeder and so on,it can meet customer’s different requirement.

Sales High-Speed Blister Packaging Production Line, Blister Line Suppliers, Packaging Line Company


DHP330E high speed production line of blister packing machine and CM380 automatic carton packing machine,suitable for the packaging of pharmaceutical,food, cosmetic and daily use chemical industry. Meet the GMP quality standard,can improve the production capacity,reduce the labor cost,lower the production cost,also can avoid packaging products across.The production line can be OEM according to the customer requirements. 

Sales High-Speed Blister Packaging Production Line


This production line can be used for packing capsule,white pill,sugar-coat pill,gelatin pearl,irregular shape of tablets,chocolate,chewing gum and so on.Put into blister then put the blister into carton.Each single machine is connected by the conveyor belt,it does not need the manual feeding,all the process are finished automatically.It saves a lot of labor and reduce the cost.This machine have compact structure,reasonable arrangement and higher producing efficiency which has got the highest international and domestic level.

DPH330E Blister Packing Machine

Main technical parameters

1. Largest forming area :260mm×330mm(step distance×PVC width);

2. Deepest forming: 12mm;

3. Packing materials:

 1)PVC:thickness 0.2-0.4mm,max width 330mm,outside roller film diameter≤Φ500mm,inside roller film diameterΦ70-Φ72mm;

     2)PTP: thickness 0.02-0.03mm,same width with PVC ,outside roller film diameter≤Φ250mm,inside roller film diameterΦ70-Φ76mm;

4. Power:380V,50HZ;

5. Total power:20kW;

6. Cooling water pressure:0.1-0.3Mpa,water consumption:0.02-0.05m³/min;

7. Air pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa, air consumption:0.2-0.4 m³/min;

8. Cutting times:≤ 200 times/min(depend on blister size)

9. Machine size:4500×1300×2000mm(L*W*H);

10. Weight:3500kg 

Working principle

 PVC hard sheet material is drawn by the open coil mechanism to pull out certain length, supply the next step demand, after heating device, forming device forms bubble cover. After molding, the PVC bubble cover is formed into the intermittent traction of the mechanism, and the continuous working is formed by the continuous bubble belt. The bubble into the feeding part of the platform, the drug by feeding (tablet, capsule, or soft capsule, etc.) filling in the PVC blister has formed, before the heat sealing and then inhibits PTP aluminum foil to cover in the upper blister, together into the sealing, sealing device for rolling is packaging is placed in the PVC blister and the aluminum foil sealing holes in the nest; This insulates the drug from the atmosphere. And enter the batch number device, according to the preset steel character indentation marks (or broken lines), and then by typing adjusting roller, cutting step into the cutting device packaging semi-finished products of continuous cutting apart, so as to achieve the desired aluminum-plastic blister packaging sector.


CM380 Carton Packing Machine

Main technical parameter

Power supply:AC380V  50HZ Three-phase five-wire system

Max power:3.5kw(single match)

Production capability: host speed: max 300box/min

Folding speed: max 600pages/min

Air consumption:0.2-0.3 m³/min(pressure 0.5-0.7mpa)

Machine dimensions:4500*1420*1600mm(L*W*H)

Weight::About 2700kg


Working principle

This machine is composed of a series of precision gear transmission, synchronous belt and precision roller chain drive to automatically complete the carton, carton open, drug absorption and folding, instruction for use by transfer of a packaging, boxes, printing production batch number, carton sealing process, etc

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