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In collaboration with our technology partners we will use telecoms intelligence data to improve the intelligence gathered against perpetrators the African Governments are investigating. This allows for real time information to be gathered as part of the investigation as well as recordings from mobile phone conversations. This will be the first time such capability will be available to many Anti-Corruption Agencies.


Is a legal expertise and intelligence that will allow African Governments to go against the financial organisations and accomplices that hold corrupt
money from perpetrators that they were already identified as PEPs. This will allow the African Anti-Corruption Agencies to bring action for a lump sum rather than individual approach that is currently used. It would mean a faster resolution
of the case as well as a faster recovery of funds.

It will provide funding and Legal Expertise to African Government Agencies seeking to prosecute cases in the relevant jurisdictions including London as
the pre-eminent international jurisdiction for international actions of this nature. The pilot will start with 10 of their cases to test our theory and will commence after the launch conference.

Anti-corruption commission intelligence capability

We cannot reveal the secret of how we operate as it may tip off the perpetrators. That said, our intelligence capability is one of the key features that allows us to stand out from any other anti-corruption initiative.
One of the key advantages corruption perpetrators have over anti-corruption Agencies is the fact that they are often 3 or 4 steps ahead and assisted by international collaborators that are often known. Our solution provides an insight into the support players that aid corruption.

Recovering stolen funds in a timely manner

The main objective of anti-corruption is for any action to result in a timely return of stolen funds to the sovereign nation and to achieve this objective, our solution is designed from the start to achieve this objective.
How we achieve this objective is confidential, however it is imperative to understand that we and our partners are interested in an early resolution.

What is done with the returned stolen funds?

As we are partnering with the Commonwealth Secretariat, it is important that the upmost level of transparency is applied to what happens to funds that the Anti-Corruption Commission assists governments to recover. The allocation of the recovered funds must be made public in order for us to be able to demonstrate what the funds are used for.