China Vertical Cartoning Packer Machine Wholesalers Promotions

  • Vertical Cartoning Machine Wholesalers, Cartoning Machine China, Carton Packer Promotions
  • Vertical Cartoning Machine Wholesalers, Cartoning Machine China, Carton Packer Promotions
  • Vertical Cartoning Machine Wholesalers, Cartoning Machine China, Carton Packer Promotions
Vertical Cartoning Machine

1、PLC program control and optoelectronic monitoring, variable frequency speed adjustment, text displayer etc. Machine can stop automatically and display reasons when problem during the working process, so that the problem can be solved in time.
2、Machine adopt belt transmission,chain transmission,gear transmission,cam transmission, four bar linkage mechanism and electric and gas control mechanism.By different cams and gears transmission,move the leaflet,packaged product,carton in phase.Achieve the intricate process from carton insertion,tongue fold to carton seal.
3、We set up a new mode of medicine production line which makes the line producing as major and single machine as major minor.Multi function, compact structure and fine appearance.

Vertical Cartoning Machine Wholesalers, Cartoning Machine China, Carton Packer Promotions


HDS120 automatic cartoning packing machine has the function of putting the blister products or other products and leaflet into one box synchronously. The machine has the ability of folding leaflet, coding batch number, putting blister package or pillow package into box and stacking. It has high efficiency and good quality. The whole working process is controlled by PLC, photoelectric monitor, transducer, and wording display. If there is any problem during the working process, the machine can stop automatically and display reasons so that the problem can be solved in time.

This machine is mainly used for pharmaceutical, nutrition food, food and other industry, such as put the blister and soap into the box. It also can be linked with other machines and has a widely usage.

Requirement and parameter

(1)Requirement of leaflet

Selection of paper:52~62g/㎡(reference:GB/T451.2-1989 paper and board -Determination of grammage)offset paper(reference:GB/T1012-1991 offset paper);

Size range:limit deviation of diagonal±1mm(reference:GB/T451.1-1989 paper and board -Determination of grammage);

Max paper size 200×160mm(L×W)

Min paper size 160×100mm(L×W)

Limit deviation of paper thickness±2μm(reference:GB/T451.3-1989 paper and board -Determination of thickness);

Direction of paper fiber and paper folding should keep vertical(reference:GB/452.1-1989 paper and board-Determination of horizontal and vertical);

Storage condition of leaflet:(reference:GB/462-1989 paper and board storage and transportation)

Temperature 25℃±2℃;Relative humidity≤60%;

Make sure the paper neat, without edge and crimping

(2)Requirement of box

Selection of box:250~350g/㎡(reference:GB/T451.2-1989 paper and board -Determination of grammage)

   White cardboard(Wood pulp board)(reference:GB/T3523-1999 White cardboard);


Max box size:170×150×45㎜(L×W×H)

Min box size:75×45×15㎜(L×W×H);

Limit deviation for the paper thickness±5μm(reference:GB/T451.3-1989 paper and board -Determination of thickness);

Storage and preservation conditions for the box:

Temperature 25℃±2℃;Relative humidity≤60%;

Design the diagram according to the machine box needs, all the box are have lock(or sealing with glue), all the production process are machine-made, for example:laser cutting plate、machine cutting、machine punching、machine folding、box sticking、make sure the paper neat, without edge and crimping.

(3)Main parameter

Power:AC380  50Hz three-phase five-wire

Max power consumption:2.0kW(single match)

Folding speed:Max100page/min

Production capacity:Machine running speed:Max 90box/min

Air consumption:0.2-0.3m3/min(pressure 0.5~0.7MPa)

Machine size:1300×970×1600㎜(L×W×H)

Weight:About 900kg(machine)

Noise:Max 80dB


Working principle

Machine realize carton sucking, carton unfolding, leaflet sucking and folding, material transportation, carton packing, batch lot printing, carton sealing and other process automatically through series of accurate gear transmission, cam transmission and accurate roller chain transmission.

 Vertical Cartoning Machine Wholesalers

Machine maintenance principles

(1)Machine should keep clean, to often wipe, lubricate and turning components.

(2)Cam mechanism and transmission chain components should be lubricated every 15 to 40 working hours. #50 motor oil is suggested (kinematic viscosity is 47~53mm2/s  50℃). Gear meshing place should be lubricated every three months, calcium sulfonate grease is suggested, the model is ZG-1or ZG-2.

(3)Synchronous belt and transmission belt should avoid contact with oil,to avoid reduction of machine life usage.

(4)In order to keep the machine working reliable,it should be stopped once every three month. To check the tensioning of the transmission chain and the fastening level of each transmission component. And to re-adjust and fastening if it is necessary.

(5)After machine breakdown,there should be professional technician to pay attention to analyze and maintain. Disordered debugging and disassemble are serious forbidden in order to protect regular components.

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