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Anti-Corruption Commission

This service is designed to help African countries in addressing corruption by giving them access to funding, legal experts and strategy for recovering their stolen funds.

Directory Security Experts

This service is for Defence and Security Professionals from Africa or who work in Africa. It is obvious that those who know Africa best are those who have been in the African industry

Security Supplier Solutions

This service is for International Security suppliers and manufacturers with products and services that may be applicable to the security challenges and issues in Africa.

African Civil Wars and Internal Armed Conflicts

Beginning 2002-12, highest combatant death toll


LIBYA (2011- )


NIGERIA (2009- )


IVORY COAST (2002- 11)


SOUTH SUDAN (2011- )

If you are a Defence and Security Agency in Africa in need a web presence, please email

Security in Africa Conference

Over 13 speakers at the Security in Africa conference, addressing the issues surrounding the solutions that are available to the African Defence and Security industry.

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